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Every single piece here has the capability to force checkmate against a bare King, which is why I named this variant "Ultimajor".


At the 2nd row, there are 8 white Cannon Pawns, at the 7th row, there are 8 black Cannon Pawns. At the 1st row, from left to right, we have: Antiranker, Equiwithdrawer, Fool, Advancer, King, Fool, Equiwithdrawer, and Charmer.



The Advancer travels like a Queen. If the next square in the direction it moved from the square the Advancer stopped on is occupied by an opposing piece, that opposing piece is captured.


The Fool moves like the last piece moved. On it's 1st move, it can move like friendly piece orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to it.


The Equiwithdrawer travels like a Queen. If the square from the square Equiwithdrawer moved from in the opposite direction which distance is equal to distance of square which Equiwithdrawer moved from to a square Equiwithdrawer moved to is occupied by an opposing piece, that opposing piece is captured.


The Antiranker travels like a Queen. If the square in the same rank that's exactly 4 squares away from the square the Antiranker moved to is occupied by an opposing piece, that piece is captured.


The Charmer travels like a Queen. Any enemy piece orthogonally and diagonally adjacent can't capture by displacement or deliver check.

Cannon Pawn/Ajax King-Hopper

The Cannon Pawn travels like a King, moves across a cell occupied by another piece in orthogonal or diagonal direction, but does not pass over any vacant cells on the way to or from the hurdle. Promotes to any friendly piece other than a Cannon Pawn on the last rank.


The King is as in Chess.


Stalemate is a tie.

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