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This page is written by the game's inventor, punkus martyrus.

Stallmate Chess

The Idea: The apotheosis of a single victor is counterproductive to promoting peace for all parties.






The same as Orthodox chess, except as follows: Victory is awarded to all parties simultaneously only after a "Stallmate" has been reached.

Stallmate is a traditionally "Stalemate" position (however the terms are not to be used interchangeably for the sake of both fun & games as well as perpetuating world peace.)


The Point: Either you both win or both lose. The forcing of Zero-sums is an educational art unto itself and is meant to promote peace while retaining mutual integrity. 

About the inventor: My name is punkkus, I'm a 22 year old chess enthusiast, traveller, & world-peace seeker. I run a D.I.Y. zine in which Stallmate chess rules are shared with fellow travelling chess enthusiasts around the world. I currently attend local university chess club meetings with my chess-playing fiancée and have an established online chess account on as "punkusmartyrus" in the event of contact.

(Posted by Tony Quintanilla 4/17/07.)

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By punkus martyrus.
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