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This page is written by the game's inventor, Claudio Martins Jaguaribe.

' Roid Rage Chess

This is the last of the variants that I devised in my sleeples night.


Same as FIDE.


The R, B, and Q are the same as FIDE.

The N, p, and K are replaced by Grand Masters, Arabic Spears and King Battlers.

King Battlers are Queens with royal restrictions.

Arabic Spears, also known as pawnriders, move foward as Rooks
and captures foward as Bishops.

Grand Masters (name taken from the highest knight rank in religious orders)
are similar to knightriders, but they do a single jump, not a sequence. So,
a Grand Master at a1 can jump to any of these cells: b3, c5, d7, c2, e3, or


Same as FIDE, but there is no en passant capture.

Castling and AS remain the same.

AS promote to any piece, except Kings.


People probably will stone me, but I do really believe that is the future of chess.

Why? Simple evolution, first the dice, or the two other players where thrown out of the game, then the other (dice or two players).

After these changes, people startrd to change the piece movement, is good to remember that the FIDE was the "mad Queen" variant.

The only pieces, as far as I know, that remains intact are the Knight, the King and the pawns.

So, I believe that before add any piece people will change the movements of these pieces, and when add new pieces,that will come changed  to conform the new changes in the knights, pawns and king.

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By Claudio Martins Jaguaribe.
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