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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andrea Perrone.

Lecce's Chess

Scacchi Leccesi, in Italian. That is translated as LECCE'S CHESS. This game was born officially at the beginning of 2023 from the ideas of some players, members of the Amateur Chess Club Lupiæ (1970) in the city of Lecce (the Florence of South, a little town of South Italy).

There will appear a new fairy piece, called LUPA (means female wolf, in honor of one of the symbols of the city: a female wolf passing under a tree, represented in a mosaic on the pavement of the central square).


COLUMNS : left to right : A , B, C, D

ROWS : bottom to top : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8



KING : moves and captures like in traditional chess. There is one king.
QUEEN : moves and captures like in traditional chess. There is one queen.
BISHOP : moves and captures like in traditional chess. There are two bishops.
PAWN : moves and captures like in traditional chess. The pawns are 4 and are placed on the third rank (on the sixth for black) and they still can make the first move by two. It is also valid the en passant capture: e.g. 1. b4 a4 2. bxa . When a pawn arrives on the other side of the board it promotes normally.
ROOK : moves and captures like in traditional chess. There are two rooks.
LUPA : (note that the word LUPA stands in italian for female wolf). It has got the mouvements of: ALFIL, DABBABAH and FERZ together. So the Lupa moves and captures ONE STEP DIAGONALLY and moves and captures (JUMPING) TWO STEPS DIAGONALLY, VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY. In the image shown above, we tried to make a graphic piece more nice, but in the games, especially on OTB, the LUPA is represented materially by the knight (in the above image, the white LUPAS are on the squares B2 and C2, while the black LUPAS are on the squares B7 and C7)


CASTLE : The castle is slightly different from traditional one. The short castle O-O will be made by inverting the positions of King and King's Rook: the King will go from C1 to D1 (from C8 to D8 for Black), and the King's Rook from D1 to C1 (from D8 to C8 for Black). The castle is permitted when both C1 and D1 (C8 and D8) are not under attack. Notice that short castle is a legal move from the beginning of a game (just because at move 1 the squares C1 and D1 (C8 and D8 for Black) are not under attack). Given this, however another condition to permit the castle is that the two pieces have not still been moved singularly (just like traditional chess). The long castle O-O-O is made by moving the King from C1 to B1 (from C8 to B8 the Black side) and the Queen's Rook from A1 to C1 (from A8 to C8 Black side). Also this type of castle is permitted only if the two pieces have not been moved singularly, if the squares C1 and B1 (C8 and B8 Black side) are not attacked, and lastly if B1 (B8) is empty.

TARGET OF THE GAME : the checkmate.



We made a first tournament in our city, and the Club of which we are members is interested on playing this game. All the world is invited to play Lecce's Game!

Andrea Perrone

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