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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Kinging shogi

Modest shogi variant. Years after it's invention, I consider it non-asthetical, as it gets rid of a large part Shogi's elegance and complexity.


Same as in normal shogi, but different promotion. All pieces (including gold general!) gets all lacking king's moves without losing thier original moves when promoted. That is, flying chariot and angle walker promotes like in normal shogi. Generals and pawns promotes to non-royal kings. Horses and lances promotes to new pieces. As in shogi, all promoted pieces demotes when captured.


Same rules can be applied to FIDE chess. Promotion zone is last rank. Several variants of pawn promotion rules may be used: 1. Pawns promotes to normal pieces, wich are further promotable. 2. Pawns promotes to normal pieces, wich are further not promotable. 3. Pawns promotes to non-royal kings, wich can make non-capturing orthogonal forward double step from 2nd rank, can capture and be captured en-passant by pawns and promoted pawns. 4. Pawns promotes to simple non-royal kings. 5. Pawns promotes to queens only.

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By Daniil Frolov.
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