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This page is written by the game's inventor, Roberto Lavieri.

Chess with Promoters

This game is more or less like standard Chess, with a new piece: The PROMOTER. This piece can�t help you too much, it is an obstacle more than a useful piece for you: If an enemy piece (except the King) lands on a square adjacent to your Promoter, the enemy piece can promote to any captured piece of the enemy band, so you must take special care with your Promoter, maintaining it far from enemies as possible. Of course, you may not be very interested on capturing an enemy Promoter!, it can help you in some moments of the game!. On the other hand, you can not be very interested on exposing your Promoter to be captured, if you expose it, the enemy can promote pieces landing on adjacent squares to the Promoter.


Black: Rook-Knight-Bishop-Queen-King-Bishop-Knight-Rook on 8th. Rank, as in Chess; eight Pawns on 7th; Promoter on e5.
White: Rook-Knight-Bishop-Queen-King-Bishop-Knight-Rook on 1st. Rank, as in Chess; eight Pawns on 2nd; Promoter on e4


All pieces can move as in Chess. The Promoter can move as a King, and it can not capture, but it can only move to positions in which there are not adjacent friendly pieces.


All rules of FIDE-Chess apply, except to the Promoter movement (like a King, without capturing capabilities, but only to positions in which there are not adjacent friends), and the promotion rules: 1.- You can promote a piece to any captured one of your band, if you move the piece to a square adjacent to the enemy Promoter. 2.- You can not promote a Pawn in 8th. Rank to Promoter. 3.- You can not promote a piece to Pawn in 1st. or 8th. rank. As in Chess, you can promote a Pawn on 8th. rank to Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight.


The game play is very interesting, your own Promoter is, usually, a piece which you may be anxious to disappear from the game, adding a new complication to your plans.

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By Roberto Lavieri.
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