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This page is written by the game's inventor, Carlos Cetina.

Cellular Chess

The purpose of this variant is to give a strong first step toward the goal of one day to make a reality the Joe Joyce's idea of playing chess on a 100x100 board.



King - Standard king.
Queen - Standard queen.
Rook - Standard rook.
Bishop - Standard bishop.
Nightrider - Makes consecutive knight leaps following a same direction.
Guard - A nonroyal king: it may make one step in any direction like wazir or ferz.

Each army or cell is formed by:
1 King
8 Queens
8 Rooks
8 Bishops
12 Nightriders
20 Guards
Total: 57 pieces or units


The first player moves White, Gray, Yellow and Orange which are allied.

The second player moves Blue, Red, Green and Purple which are allied.

Win the player who checkmates at least 3 adversary's Kings.

Each turn, players must move at least one unit of each one of their 4 cells, and may move entirely their 4 cells, that is, may move until 57 x 4 = 228 units.


Since the board is formed by 900 squares, it fits 9 times on the huge 100x100 board.

100 x 100 = 10000
900 x 9 = 8100

The remaining 1900 squares could be used to form a margin or border of width 5 squares around the 100x100 board.

Then, this variant on the 100x100 board would have 72 armies or cells which could be played by 2 teams of 36 people each one or by 2 players moving each one 36 cells.

Is it a too crazy idea? Perhaps not so much to those interested in setting Guinness World Records.

Cellular Chess Preset

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