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Joe Joyce
User ID: joejoyce

Last Logged on 2020-09-17 00:57:35.

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Joe is an editor for this site. And is also a registered member.

I have been dumb enough to volunteer as an editor. Fortunately, I can talk my son into helping with the hard parts on occasion.

Brief bio:
Born: Syracuse NY, USA 3/13/48 - unfortunately, that is not a typo.
Bachelors: Manhattan College 1974
Married to Sallie 8/7/71; 2 kids, Peter and Alisa. Not one of them is the least interested in chess.
Retired 4/1/03 from the US Postal Service, a temporary job I took until I finished school.

I recently started a small game company, Another Level Games, and have so far not managed to lose too much money at it. Visit my website where you can download Command and Maneuver, an abstract strategy wargame construction kit, and rules and set-ups for several scenarios, or just make your own.

I enjoy reading [science, SF&F, a little history], game design, and being retired. Before my knees went, I enjoyed hiking, climbing and free-climbing, and tennis. Now I enjoy ping-pong, canoeing and kayaking, and walking in state and national parks and nature preserves.

I am a member or associate member of:
American Museum of Natural History;
Planetary Society;
Smithsonian Institute, and others, including occasionally being a Baen barfly.

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