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Preference Poll for the Second Game Courier Tournament

During December of 2004, over one hundred games were under consideration for the second Game Courier Tournament, and an approval poll was run to narrow down this list. Now that we have a more manageable list of games, it is time to run a preference poll to decide which games shall be included in the tournament. This list is drawn from the top 10 plus any more tied for 10th place from the approval poll, which was a total of 15, following by the remaining number to equal 20, including all tied for 20th place, that were not already played in the previous tournament, a total of 9 more. So this poll lists 24 games to rank in order of preference, coincidently the same number as in last year's poll. 14 of these games were in the previous poll, and 10 are new additions.

Since links can't be included in the form used for voting, here are links to the rules for all the games being voted on.

  1. Alice Chess
  2. British Chess
  3. Catapults of Troy
  4. Chaturanga
  5. Chessgi
  6. Chess with Different Armies
  7. Chinese Chess
  8. Extinction Chess
  9. Fischer Random Chess
  10. Grand Chess
  11. Great Chess
  12. Hostage Chess
  13. Jumping Chess
  14. Kamikaze Mortal Shogi
  15. Marseillais Chess
  16. Maxima
  17. Mortal Chessgi
  18. Pocket Mutation Chess
  19. Rococo
  20. Shatranj
  21. Shogi
  22. Switching Chess
  23. Ultima
  24. Yng Q

The poll data is lost, and this script needs updating. So, all PHP code has been commented out.