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Flying Bombers Grand Chess

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Flying Bombers Grand Chess

The recommended 10x10 board game

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The 8X8 (68 squares) board version:

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Flying Bomber's Moves

The flying bomber moves exactly like a rook when not capturing, and captures by flying over (or overtaking) a piece and landing on any empty square after it on the same orthogonal line. There must be an empty square after the piece. If there is another piece right after, then it cannot capture.
*A more limited version of the bomber can also be used. In this case, instead of landing on any square after the enemy piece, the bomber must land on the first empty square after the enemy piece. The special landing move below remains unchanged.
Special Landing Move:
It can also fly two spaces horizontally or vertically, jumping a friendly piece, if adjacent to it, and capturing (if possible) on the square that it lands.
If two enemy pieces lie on the same line, the first one adjacent to the bomber, and the next two squares away, then the flying bomber can eliminate both pieces by landing on the square of the second enemy piece.
When performing these special moves, it cannot fly beyond 2 squares. Note that it cannot fly over two pieces, and that it can only ‘jump’ over a friendly piece if adjacent.
Also note that it cannot capture an enemy piece adjacent to it if the square immediately after is occupied by a friendly piece.
This short range jumping power is identical to the Dabbabah except for the double capture.

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