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Shatranj Elephants:;id=1108

Finally the Shatranj Elephants have arrived! All move like a King, but can only partly capture like a King. Mating attacks are rare! Pawn promotion is common! Most games decided after winning all the enemy pieces (except King)! This game is an endgame lovers dream!

New Elephant pieces described as follows;
* DancingElephant: moves like a king, captures all directions forward and sideways.
* DrunkElephant: moves like a king, captures orthogonally.
* RollingElephant: moves like a king, captures all directions forward.

Pawns promote to DancingElephant, Knight or DrunkElephant. Even though DancingElephant is the strongest piece, sometimes you cannot promote to this piece because of it's inability to capture backwards and therefore it can be in danger of capture after promoting! If you can bare the enemy King you win, even if the enemy can do the same to you next move!

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