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This page is written by the game's inventor, Joe Joyce.

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The Warlord games are a further development of Chieftain Chess, and represent a step closer to a working chess-wargame fusion. Each side has an army of about 25 pieces, which are controlled by an additional handful of leaders. Including the leaders, there are 5 kinds of pieces representing the various elements of an army. Each scenario given presents a different tactical and strategic problem. The rules are simple, and the games play about as long as standard FIDE chess. But everyone who has played any of the games agrees they are very different from chess. Players generally attack across a front rather than building up pressure in one spot, trading space for time. The battles often have a rather unique feel, the sort of controlled chaos generally only found in wargames. These games are something other than a chess variant, so be warned. They are simple chess simulations of wargames, and play as such.

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