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Since the original link to CHESSapeak Challenge is broken, the link now goes to an archived copy at the Internet Archive:

CHESSapeak Challenge

CHESSapeak Challenge is a four player chess variant on a cross-shaped board: at each side of an 8 by 8 board, three rows of squares are added. Similar chess variants exist for over two centuries. CHESSapeak Challenge has a new twist, resolving some problems of the older variants by having pawns change directions at specific squares. It received very positive reviews, amongst others from Pritchard in Variant Chess.

On the website of CHESSapeak one finds information on CHESSapeak, and the related checkers variant for four players. Different game models are shown, ranging from a inexpensive pocket version, normal size and price versions, to a luxury version with oak sides and felt underside. Ordering information, pictures, and rules can be found on the website.

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