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Chessapeak Porta-Challenge

Chessapeak Chess is a four player chess variant. Three rows of 8 squares are added to each side of an 8 by 8 board. Special markings on some squares point out were pawns can change directions. There are four different game sets: an inexpensive pocket edition (see below), the classic edition, the tournament edition, and a luxury master's edition.

The game has received very positive reviews, amongst others from David Pritchard (author of the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants) in Variant Chess.

For people like me, who do not live in North America and have limited geographic knowledge: the name of this game is a pun at Chessapeak Bay, a large bay at the each coast of the United States.

The pocket edition set is called: Chessapeak Porta-Challenge. The board consists of four parts which easily click together to form a sturdy and magnetic board. The pieces are magnetic, and look quite nice. They come in four colors: white, yellow, red, and black. When folded in, the pieces fit in the inside of the box. The set comes with detailed rules in English and French, which explain the game rules very well.

Overall, I was impressed by the good quality of this set. It looks very nice. The pieces distinguish well. The set seems very suitable for taking along on a holiday. Take also sufficient co-travellers with you to play this game.

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Below, you find some pictures I took with the little camera of my SGI workstation to give an impression of the set. (Some photo's are not very sharp, sorry for this.)

Written by Hans Bodlaender; photo's by Hans Bodlaender.
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