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Kriegspiel - Cincinnati Style. A description of Kriegspiel as played in Cincinnati in the 1970's, with a discussion of why those particular rules were used.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Mike Nelson wrote on 2002-06-14 UTCGood ★★★★
On the whole, a significant improvement on standard Kriegspiel. 

A possible rule to distinguish 'No' from 'Nonsense': A move is 'nonsense'
if the player can determine it is illegal from the player's own position
and the referee's last announcement. No more remote inferences are

Examples of detemining illegality from the announcement:
1. 'Black captures at d1' White attemting Ra1-g1 is nonsense.
2. 'Black checks on the long diagonal' White attempting to capture or
interpose on the file is nonsense.

On the other hand:
'Black captures at b1' on the previous turn, folowed by
'Black capures at d1' on the current turn, then
Ra1-g1 is nonsense but Ra1-c1 is no. (In fact, it could be legal as Black's
moves could have been Qxb1, Qxd1 or similar.)