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Three Handed Chess. Three handed Chess with special rules to promote 3-way play. (Cells: 96) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jonathan wrote on 2004-07-03 UTC
Any time player A moves his pieces into player C's kingdom, it is considered a double attack for player C, regardless of what direction from which A's attack comes. As far as the central diagonal, I was trying to handicap the attack to the left to give another slight advantage to the double defending player. however, if one wants to give the option of which direction to move when passing through the central diagonal, he is free to try it and see if he enjoys it better. I am very open to comments and suggestions, and am willing to make rule alterations, so please give feedback to this and any other questions. As far as only allowing one player to attack one specific other player, though it may be a simple solution to the petty diplomacy problem, I actually wanted to encourage a little diplomacy to add a dimension to this game. Thanks for your comment.