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Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Wed, Mar 27 05:16 PM UTC in reply to Fergus Duniho from Tue Mar 26 04:16 PM:

Well, I don't learn all past comments by heart, and I confess I often don't understand what you write here or there.

What I know is that Fairy chess is a term that we use in // to chess variant or non orthodox chess, etc. It doesn't mean a chess with fairies. I know plenty chess variants, I know none with fairies.

Fairies or princesses, I'm not going to spend time to discuss Disney movies. Everyone has got what I meant, the rough idea. When my daughter was <8 years she was playing with little fairies or princesses some wings. That is not a symbol I was expecting to see on this site. But you never change your mind, you prefer to argue like a lawyer and I don't have the skills in English to sustain this discussion.

And I know what a centaur is. I have some education. I even took the challenge to represent one in 3D with the bottom of a knight and the top of warrior. My result is not a cute as your figurine but at least it looks like a chess piece in the same manner that a Staunton knight looks as a chess piece and not as a horseman figurine.