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Hybrid Decimal Chess. Chess on a 10x10 board with unusual compound pieces included. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Kevin Pacey wrote on Tue, Mar 5 03:03 PM UTC:

@ H.G. (and others):

For 10x10, the Checkmating Applet gave NA plus K mating lone K in under 65 moves in one (worst?) case. I haven't checked carefully, but I'm not sure if the Play-Test Applet's Game Code (that is generated for a given CV) always includes code for enforcement of the 50 move drawing rule, or whether that can optionally be excluded by a user at this point in time. I already made an Applet generated preset for Hybrid Decimal Chess, but I suppose I could redo it if I or editor(s) felt I should do away with the strict 50 move rule I have chosen at this point for this CV.

This brings me to my second topic: whether extending the 50 move rule is a good idea (in the quest for a few more decisive results) in general. For relatively small boards such as (8x8) chess itself uses, the 50 move rule is generally sufficient. In the case of chess, exceptions were found late in the history of the game that made the governing body, FIDE, decide to extend the 50 move rule for certain cases (e.g. R+B+K vs. R+K, or, worse still, many specific 2N+K vs. P+K positions that are arguably hard to recall)), making the limit 100 moves just for these special cases. I have felt this was an ugly kludge. An alternative is to extend the 50 move rule to 100 moves in all cases, which is arguably even more terrible. Or just keep it as 50 moves in all cases (my preference).

On much bigger board CVs, maybe having a 75 or 100 move rule in general is much more comfortably justified - depends on the size. I think that for boards that are, say, 100 cells or less, having the general limit as 50 moves is definitely fine still. For 10x10 Hybrid Decimal Chess, I kept the limit as 50 moves in all cases for the sake of simplicity, alone - and maybe a defender could mercifully get a break for a change, too, in any freakish cases requiring more than 50 moves for a (very!?) skilled attacker to deliver mate.