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Battle of the Kings. You start with eight pawns. The rest chess pieces appear on the board during the game.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on Thu, Feb 15 03:03 PM UTC in reply to Florin Lupusoru from 12:23 PM:

I don't think so. Wait until the AI figures out the algorithm.

That is correct. This game isn't particularly difficult. It might need a complete retuning of the evaluation, though; normal piece values won't do. The value of a piece depends at least in part on the value of pieces it unloads. And extra absolute royals have huge negative values. Which again strongly suppresses the value of the Queen, which unloads those. An attacked Queen cannot move at all. So the piece values might very well be the reverse of the normal value.

The Dagaz bot sucks (also in Tenjiku Shogi), and that is made even worse here because it does not know extra royals are a liability. It spreads them around with great enthousiasm, and the quickly gets checkmated. This is the game the Interactive Diagram played against the Dagaz bot:

1. c4 h5 2. Nd4 g6 3. Bxg6 fxg6 4. Rc3 Nf8 5. Rb3 Bg8 6. Ra3 Rh8 7. Rxa7 Qh6 8. Ra8 Qg5
9. h4 Qxh4 10. Qe3+ Qf4 11. Qxf4#

(Unfortunately you cannot paste it in the ID, as it doesn't know how to make good move notation in this variant.)