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🕸📝Fergus Duniho wrote on Sun, Nov 19, 2023 03:33 AM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from Fri Nov 17 07:55 PM:

This script starts to evolve into nearly the same thing as the fen2.cgi piece renderer on my website,

I created showpiece.php to support Game Courier, and I recently added some new parameters to support Interactive Diagrams. I think fen2.cgi still has many features it does not have.

which we never managed to port to CVP.

I could try to compile it here if you give me the source code.

Can it also render the SVG in different sizes?

No, is there a use for that? I know you used to make PNG versions of SVG images at smaller sizes, but showpiece.php will output an SVG if that is what the original image was, and SVG images can resize to fit the container. So, they don't have to be resized ahead of time. Since Game Courier will resize boards, there might be a use for resizing GIF or PNG images, but that might interfere with the transparent part, and HTML or CSS can already resize the display of the image.

Perhaps I could make the 'Diagram Editor with Scalable Graphics' use that script, to make it independent of my website.

Maybe, but it will depend on what that needs it to do.

Beware that some of the SVG sets have different images for white and black pieces.

Game Courier handles this by assigning different images in a set file, and showpiece.php can make use of set files. I could modify it to use set files even with Interactive Diagrams. Do Interactive Diagrams have any way of their own to indicate different images for black and white pieces besides a different prefix?

These would be needed if you want truly black pieces; filling the white (outline) pieces with black would not work, because the inside details would become invisble.

I normally color black pieces with a lighter color than actual black. As far as I know, the SVG pieces on this site are all white (outline) pieces. So, showpiece.php just loads a w*.svg file when given a b*.svg file name for the image parameter. When using a set, it would just load whatever file was named.