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Bent Riders. A discussion of pieces, like the Gryphon, that take a step then move as riders.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Bob Greenwade wrote on Sun, Sep 17, 2023 09:01 PM UTC:

I've been contemplating the idea of bent riders that make 135-degree turns; the Vivi already has one of these, taking one Wazir step back and then moving forward like a Bishop (one step forward then forward like a Bishop also being an option). A piece I call the Double-Cross moves one step sideways, then turns around to move like a Bishop, and of course that's just the beginning.

Anyway, I'm seeing some decent uses for the Annoyances; like the Vivi, they can be decent pieces in the row right behind the Pawns on large-board games.

(I'm also thinking of experimenting with some 180-degree turns.)