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Equihopper. Jumps across a piece in any direction with the same distance before and after the hurdle. Cannot jump additional pieces on strai.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-11-29 UTC
Not only are there oblique leapers other than the Knight, there are
extensions of the Knight other than the Nightrider move (of which the
a1-c5 illustrated is a hopping version). Do the directions have to be
straight, or could an Equihopper use a modified Rose move? If it could the
one illustrated could hop over the b3 King to reach a5 or to capture the
d4 Pawn!

Regarding direction names my preferred terms are Knightwise, Camelwise,
Zebrawise &c.. A case could be made for extrapolating from triagonal to
pentagonal (especially apt for a piece still representing a professional
serviceman!), decagonal &c., but mixing animal names with -gonal suggests
cubist depictions of animals made up of straight lines and angles instead
of their natural curves!