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Aviation ChessA game information page
. Legan's Aviation Chess, popular during WWI, featuring the Aviator piece (with zrf).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Thu, Oct 20, 2022 08:49 PM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from 06:02 PM:

Hi HG I've tried to write to you in PM to give you Mat's address but my mail has bounced twice, I got a message saying my "message is likely to be a spam". I can't see why.

I've checked the zrf of Aviation Ch (made by Mats) with Zillions. Nothing special, the zrf is very simple. When playing it is possible to x the opposite R with the Aviator, ZoG replies by capturing the Aviator with its Aviator (of course).

So it is exactly as you say.