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Hadean Chess. Expanded chess with short-range linear jumpers, augmented knights and zebras and more dynamic pawns. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on Sat, May 15, 2021 02:16 PM UTC:

For now I disabled automatic W* -> nW* interpretation on all pieces except the first. (As I think other diagrams would only use it for the first defined piece = Pawn.) This enabled me to define the Ninja Pawn as non-e.p.-capturable. The dependence of moveon the board half is taken care of a customized WeirdPromotion() routine, which promotes Ninja Pawns to 'Ninjas' (represented by the same image) when they enter the opponent half.

satellite=hadean files=12 ranks=12 graphicsDir=/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG35/ promoZone=1 maxPromote=2 squareSize=35 graphicsType=png lightShade=#FFFFD5 darkShade=#527362 borders=0 firstRank=1 useMarkers=1 promoChoice=Q,F,F',D,E,W,W',R,B pawn::fmnW*fceF::a3-l3 ninja:N':fmWsWfcF:chinesepawn: ninja pawn::fmW*smWfcF:chinesepawn:a2-e2,h2-l2 wazir knight::WN:knightwazir:h1 wazir sorcerer:W':WZ:zebrawazir:b1 ferz knight::FN:knightferz:e1 ferz sorcerer:F':FZ:zebraferz:k1 flying warmachine:D:W3jDpafpafW:warmachinewazirhero:c1,j1 flying elephant:E:F3jApafpafF:bentshaman:d1,i1 bishop::::f2,g2 rook::::a1,l1 queen::::f1 king::KisO1isO2isO3isO3isO4ilO5::g1