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CHESSAGON. CHESSAGON┬« is like traditional Chess, but with Triangles, with one new additional piece named the Duke.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Tue, Feb 9, 2021 05:47 PM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from 04:08 PM:

There are two ways to reduce the filesize of these images. One is to re-edit them to use monochrome backgrounds. The other is to convert them to JPG images. These are all PNG files, which can be very large when you have many colors and lots of detail. I converted the setup diagram to a JPG at 50% reduction, which reduced the filesize to around 10% of its original size without any noticeable change in appearance. When I clicked Keep, it deleted the original image and kept the reduced image. So, I changed the IMG link in the code to the reduced image. If the author would convert all the other images to JPG images, they should fit in the space provided.