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Jacks and Witches 84. Variant on 84 squares with special pieces and special squares. (12x8, Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Sat, May 5, 2018 12:55 PM UTC:

Probably the failing of Jacks & Witches now sixteen years is the weak value of the Jack.  

The five paired pieces of Bilateral carry over, with values estimating Pawn 1, Lion 2, Knight 3, Bishop 2.5, Rook 5, King 2, Cannon 6, Witch 7.   Nine piece-types on 84 is near routine piece-type density 10%, the way Orthochess has 6 types on 64 squares.  Bishop lessens vis Knight for the chopped board.  The four transporter squares do not disproportionately affect the p-vs,  and power density does appear to be under regular 60% a bit.  Not justifying power calculations here, the idea is total piece values to board size -- the way orthodox shows 39/64.

Witch is the great innovation, but Jack needs some work. Being in hand and moving out of its eye are admirable, but Jack's regular movement when not doing Eye mode could just use strengthening rather than any overcomplication. Instead of mere Waz/Ferz, one of Falcon or Squirrel or Bent Hero or something could be nice balance. And at the same time that would up the power density proportion to match the fundamentalist Chess FIDE 60%.