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PokerChess. PokerChess is a 2 player board game employing the mechanics of chess and poker.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Susannah Thorarinsson wrote on 2017-12-03 UTC

Hi Jeffrey thanks for your questions. 

I think the answer you're looking for is Crown Victory- where by one's king lands on the opposing players homerow crown. If you want to win the game based on your chess “prowess” you win with a crown victory. If you think you have the upper hand, and want to leave the game up to a little chance, checkmate and high hand showdown is the way to go. Chess players have the advantage in this game, but there are so many variables that the game can take many twists and turns with the placement of a card or a pawn turning into a queen. 

Part of the challenge of the game is choosing what strategy to focus on and keeping up your defenses. Also when you draw a really good hand to start it’s hard to play that hand because you risk losing those cards. Having four kings on the board and in your hand is a very high hand but a hard hand to play. If you draw four Aces, playing them on the board risks losing your primo hand. 

We also found that the 4 x 5 board is perfect for the game we wanted to create. It’s complex enough but also simple enough to keep most games between 5-30 minutes. We actually tried a lot of different iterations before honing in on this version of the game. The challenge we have been working on is a multiplayer version.