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BigBangChess. Pieces start off-board; the board expands and contracts during play. (11x11, Cells: 121) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Graeme Neatham wrote on 2011-01-27 UTC
Ben Reiniger said:
'I think your image of the contraction capture is off...also I'm not sure I understand the Drop rule. Can you get the queen before placing the remaining four pawns? Are captured pieces droppable?'

Sorry, but I'm unclear what point you're making about the contraction capture image. Can you elaborate please?

There are 4 drop levels, and each side begins the game on the first level. At this level only Pawns can be dropped. On dropping the fourth Pawn the level for that player advances to the second. On the second level Knights and Bishops can now be dropped as well as Pawns. The third level is reached when the second Knight or Bishop is dropped. Rooks may be dropped at the third level. Dropping a single Rook advances that players drop level to the fourth level. Once the fourth level is reached the Queen may be dropped.

Captured pieces are removed from the game. They cannot re-enter the game by being dropped again.