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Korean Carrera. Missing description (15x10, Cells: 150) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-10-31 UTC
I have now finished naming cpmpounds of radial hopper and oblique leaper/stepper as follows:
         Tank       Cannon   Arrow      Sling
         ---------- -------- ---------- ------
Knight | Accountant Marksman Careerist  Carian
Camel  | Actuary    Captain  Campaigner Cappadocian
Elf    | Eliminator Legate   Leister    Levantine
I decided not to bother with Gnu compounds. The basic (oblique leaper) versions are listed in Man and Beast 08: Diverse Directions and oblique-stepper versions of some, including Chinese- and Korean-style Marksmen, are mentioned in Man and Beast 13: Straight and Crooked Moving. I have also submitted an update to Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess.