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Decimal Quadruple Besiege. Army based on Échecs De L'Escalier arranged on enlarged Quadruple Besiege board. (20x20, Cells: 200) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Charles Gilman wrote on Mon, Nov 16, 2009 08:31 AM UTC:
Well most of my Quadruple Besiege variants have at least twice as many pieces with a Rook move, so that will help Checkmate to happen. Remember that the minimum to Checkmate on a board with edges is a Rook plus one's own King, so an extra Rook to effect a virtual edge should allow the same on this board.
	The geometry is not quite Moebius, it's a bit more complex than that. A single orthogonal step across a horizontal join appears as a 10:9 leap. Bishops really are colourbound and, as I say in the text, each visible 10-cell diagonal loops round dircetly on itself.