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Armies of Faith 1: The Dawn of Civilisation. The first in of a series of 3d variants themed on various religions of history. (9x9x3, Cells: 243) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2009-06-19 UTC
Anu from M&B3 Ungulates gets used here. Anu is triangulating leaper. What does that mean? First, Anu is compound of Antelope and Namel. Antelope is regular 4,3 leaper, in the same line as my multi-path Scorpion. Namel is 7,1 leaper. Why connect those two? Because SOLLs are respectively 25 and 50. They are duals, and therefore triangulate, and so a natural pair. Triangulate here means make two Antelope jumps and then take a Namu jump right back where you started, if so occasioned. It's visualisable and far more usable than random compounds of leapers, and helps develop tight and right piece-type inter-connectivity throughout. Guru from the same M&B3 is here too. Guru is Giraffe + Gimel, who are 4,1 and 5,3. SOLLs 17 and 34. Get it? Get it right. There is no added difficulty with the 3-D aspect because they are stuck on their levels, the Anu and the Guru. No problem.