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Larry Smith wrote on Fri, May 8, 2009 03:54 PM UTC:
I used 'active' Pawns on both levels. Of course, this did get a little tedious during opening development. But here's an idea(not mine).

Dan Beyer created an interesting 3D Pawn which extended through the levels of the field, occupying the cells above and below it.

The same might be done on this field. The two Pawns which occupy the same positions on each level would move as a unit to the same destination cell of each level. But would be captured as individuals. This would mean that as a unit they would simply move as Mad Queen Pawns, but when one was captured the other is now free to exercise its 3D pattern in this game.

When capturing as a unit, only one of these two moving Pawns need take an opponent. Needless to say that if a friendly piece occupies the similar target cell of the other level such a capture would not be permitted.

This would speed up the opening while allowing a sufficient 'barricade' against the advancing opponent. And if the two Pawns were able to maintain their unit upon promotion, the player could gain two seperate power pieces. Thus assuring the players of necessary material in the endgame.

Of course, if a single Pawn moves to a similar cell on one level as another friendly Pawn on the other they would then be considered a unit and be moved as such from that point.

Just a thought.