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Lubny ChessA game information page
. 100 cell chess variant invented in 1972.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-10-01 UTC
Hello George.  Let me chime in from an IAGO perspective.  Even if FIDE doesn't say: ''In April 1, 2008, at session of executive committee of FIDE the Rules of 100 Cells Chess were authorized and the first world tournament should be held up to the extremity of 2008.'',  IAGO will get around to be doing that, once we get more established.  

The IAGO Standards Committee needs to get rolling, and we need to get a LOT more buy-in from stakeholders here (IAGO doing it without anyone else involved isn't going to count much).  'NextChess' will end up relating to this, once it is spelled out, and worked on.  IAGO will get on this, and if FIDE doesn't move, IAGO will.  I believe IAGO should work on officially recognizing World Champions at Chess960, Speed Chess (if they don't) and also Bughouse.  We should also get SOME form of the Capablanca school recognized.  All the troubles with the IAGO Chess System stemmed from IAGO trying to get Capablanca school of chess set up.

So, in a nutshell, I would like to move on this.  We could adapt Grand Chess as the first version, and get the 10x10 board.  Maybe even do Random Grand Chess, where the pieces in the second and 9th rows are shuffled and the rooks stay in the corner.

Well, this stuff is the work of the Standards Committee.  Just my 2 cents...