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Sissa. Variant on 9 by 9 board with Sissa's. (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2008-09-20 UTC
Sissa is multi-path piece, following the new piece category ''multi-path,'' on par with Leaper and Rider. My ''Multi-path Chess Pieces'' is 2004 Copyright. Slider is about equivalent to Rider in usage. The three main variant-piece categories would be Multi-path, Leaper, and Rider. There are orders of magnitude more possibilites for Multi-path than either Leaper or Rider. Long-range leapers are fairly worthless, and useful leaper pieces only number five: Alfil, Dabbabah, Knight, Camel, and Zebra. The three categories are the most frequently occurring, simply because of repeated standards Knight, and Bishop, and Rook. Other rarer categories are Hoppers(Cannon, Grasshopper) and Bifurcation pieces having two diverging pathways after an initial direction. Hoppers and Bifurcation have many more possibilities than Leapers, the smallest category. Now particular Sissa is multi-path to two types of squares. Sissa moves to each Rook square by four pathways. We say Sissa has four-fold way to Rook's every square and then define them. Sissa's to Rook(0,2) are from c1: c1-b1-a1-b2-c3, c1-b2-a3-b3-c3, c1-d1-e1-d2-c3, and c1-d2-e3-d3-c3. Regular 'c1-c2-c3' is not among them, so Sissa is not ''lame Rook,'' that could be blocked altogether at b2. CVPage Glossary has new term sounding-derogatory ''lame'' only applying to radial pieces, i.e., those in Queen's eight directions. Sissa's other squares reachable are traditional Nightrider squares. They are two-path not four-path, as for example, c1-d2-d3 and c1-c2-d3 either to the first NN arrival square. Sissa has two pathways to all Nightrider arrival squares; and that redounds to Sissa's benefit over Nightrider according to position. Sometimes player prefers NN, sometimes Sissa. Nightrider may be blocked from reaching (2,4) and Sissa not blocked, regardless that NN derives from ''leaper''(Knight) and Sissa does not.