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Herculean Chess. 12 x 12 version of chess featuring 4 Rooks, 4 Bishops, 4 Leapers and 22 pawns. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-06-27 UTC
On a humorous note: 
If I were to take the Sorcerer Knight - remove the knight move and add the camel move - I would be in violation of a very *** patent! 

I can second  H. G. Muller's previous rating of said game from pure play-testing point of view. Two  lame Zebra-Camels are awkward on a  small rectangular board configuration with unprotected pawns from the onset. The game rapidly improves once they are exchanged but then one is merely playing orthodox chess on a slightly bigger board. 

Herculean chess (and up-coming Hadean Chess) emphasize the Ferz-Zebra/ Wazir compounds more. Having two leaping movements even zebra + knight much less zebra + camel plays awkwardly even on much bigger board and does not lend to pleasing game-play. 
I find the Sorcerer Knight version (both sliding dual path and leaping) a bit problematic  - and the last example game made me change Herculean to use the Ferz/Wazir compounds. 
On paper, two leaping movements or limited sliding movement as in Korean Chess etc seems interesting but never translates play-wise. It plays more like some sort of puzzle solving trivia than anything else. 

In effect I am criticizing my sub-variation for poor game-play along with similar piece form in different board.