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Chess for ThreeBROKEN LINK!. Traditional pieces, three players, on a triangular board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jonathan wrote on 2007-10-08 UTC
No problem--you deserve it.  Let me point out that a change in position or
in the nature of the move of the bishop will still not create a truly
analogous piece.  If the bishop still follows the path of the
'diamonds,' but only lands on those of the same color, it can only
access a small fraction of the board's cells.  The closest to a
colorbound bishop that I've found on a triangular board is like a two
space rook move in your game:
 /\  /\

I hope my little ASCII diagram turns out.  Anyhow, a move from the first
cell to the third cell provides a colorbound bishop move, and sort of
looks like a form of diagonal (the first and third are still adjacent,
though not orthogonally, or truly diagonally--I propose the term

But for your game, I think the loss of colorbound bishops is fine.  I
recommend leaving as is.  As stated before, it's impossible to truly
create a perfect triangular equivalent of a square cell game, but I feel
what you've done is the best version to date.