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Generic Chess Piece Creation System. This is a system for construction of pieces, using ideas from RPG games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Paulowich wrote on 2007-02-28 UTC

I will match the brutal simplicity of a Rook and a Commoner against the elegant tactics of a pair of Nightriders. One problem with the value assigned on this page to the Nightrider is: 'Repeat Infinite' does not do much for a piece that will bump into the side of an 8x8 board after 2 or 3 leaps. But on a 10x10 board a pair of Nightriders gets stronger, probably equal to at least a pair of Rooks.

Why do I calculate twice as many points for the Commoner and the Silver General as this page does? Following Ralph Betza, I give a higher value to diagonal moves than to orthogonal moves - and then assign huge penalties for being colorbound. Note that the mostly orthogonal Gold General has six moves, which makes it a little stronger than the mostly diagonal Silver General (five moves). Also Betza values the ability to move one square highly. The Queen is certainly worth less than three times as much as the Commoner.