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Simon Edward Jepps
User ID: jepster

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Last Logged on 2021-08-31 01:43:16.

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"If you don't understand mathematics then you must be mentally disabled." ~ Gerry Jepps

Simon no longer discusses Chess.

Simon has never been respected as an intellectual, not in life, not on the internet and certainly not in England.

Coincidentally, "Simon" is also a game, invented in the same year of Simon's birth, 1978. Simon himself relates very closely to this invention, because he too has always been a game to English people.

Simon is a private man, a deeply religious man and a deeply European man. When he says "European" it is because only Europeans have ever acknowledged his intellect.

Having lived and worked in Italy and dined with great intellectuals, including friends of the artist Picasso, he feels more Italian now than anything else.

He also hates the internet and believes it will actually become the downfall of all civilization.

Simon's understanding of God, religion and most particularly 'spiritual psychology' is so mature, so balanced and so absolutely sacred, that now, in turn of the way his life has been dictated, he wouldn't ever give a flying shit what any English psychiatrist has to say.

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