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Nightrider icon
Nightrider moves

Nightrider: 9 points
From fairy chess problems

The Nightrider's move starts out identical to the Horse, a (1,2) leap. However, if the square in question is vacant the Nightrider may continue (1,2) leaps along the same line without limit, until the square which would be landed upon is not empty. It slides or rides along the line of squares a classic knight-move apart just like a Bishop or Rook slides along a traditional line.



Overtaker icon
Overtaker moves

Overtaker: 3 points
Reference: Typhoon

The Overtaker may make a non-capturing move of one space in any direction to an empty square. The Overtaker may capture an enemy piece, in any of the eight directions, by leaping over it to the next square beyond if that square is empty.



Pao icon
Pao moves

Pao: 10 points
Reference: Xiangqi

The Pao moves without capturing like a Rook, sliding any distance horizontally or vertically. To capture, a Pao moves like a Rook, leaps over exactly one piece of either color, and continues on that line to land on the next occupied space if and only if an enemy occupies it.

The Pao may not capture without leaping over exactly one piece. The Pao may not leap over a piece without capturing. The piece captured is the piece landed upon, not the piece leaped over.



Queen icon
Queen moves

Queen: 17 points
From orthodox chess

The Queen may move like a Bishop, sliding any clear distance along a diagonal, or like a Rook, sliding any clear distance horizontally or vertically.



Rook icon
Rook moves

Rook: 11 points
From orthodox chess

The Rook may slide any clear distance horizontally or vertically. It may not leap over any piece, or move onto a square occupied by a friendly piece.



Suizo icon
Suizo moves

Suizo: 5 points
Reference: Chu Shogi

The Suizo, or drunk elephant, may move one space in any direction except directly backward. It has seven possible moves in most positions.

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