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Gryphon icon
Gryphon moves

Gryphon: 19 points
Reference: Grande Acedrex

The Gryphon moves one space diagonally, and may then continue outward either horizontally or vertically any number of unobstructed spaces. The Gryphon cannot leap over other pieces, and must start its move with the one diagonal space.



Horse icon
Horse moves

Horse: 5 points
From orthodox chess (knight)

The Horse moves one square horizontally or vertically, turns 90 degrees, and continues two squares; or the opposite (two squares, turn, one square). In either case it ignores intervening pieces and leaps from square to square.



Immobilizer icon
Immobilizer moves

Immobilizer: 18 points
Reference: Ultima

The Immobilizer moves like a Queen, sliding any distance in any direction. An Immobilizer cannot capture. However, it freezes adjacent enemies. Any piece adjacent to an enemy Immobilizer (including diagonally) cannot move.



Jugyo icon
Jugyo moves

Jugyo: 6 points
Reference: Chu Shogi

The Jugyo, or vertical mover, may slide any clear distance vertically like a Rook. It may instead move one space horizontally.



Lion icon
Lion moves

Lion: 7 points
Reference: A History of Chess

The Lion may leap exactly two squares in any of the eight directions, ignoring intervening pieces. Two-square moves may or may not capture. The Lion may also move one space in any direction like a King, but only to capture.



Marshal icon
Marshal moves

Marshal: 16 points
Reference: Grand Chess

The Marshal may move like a Rook, sliding any clear distance horizontally or vertically, or like a Horse, with a (1,2) leap. When moving like a Horse the Marshal ignores intervening pieces.

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