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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Wormhole Xiang Qi


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The blue spaces make up what is known as the celestial river. The bordered spaces are known as the twins.


Same as Xiang Qi, except:

Horses and Elephants can jump. Advisors and Elephants are not confined.

Pieces progress as follows: Chariot -> Elephant -> Soldier -> Advisor -> Cannon -> Horse -> Chariot

Soldiers do not promote when crossing the river. When entering or moving within the friendly palace, a piece demotes by one rank. When entering or moving within the enemy palace, a piece promotes by one rank. These are permanent until a piece enters the river, where it reverts to its original rank.


Same as Xiang Qi, except:

The hole in the board is counted as a piece for purposes of movement.

The black twin is moved by Black and the white twin by White. They can move to any square except the other twin's. The twins are not pieces or squares, but connections between squares. Pieces can move as though the twins were one square. If a twin moves to a square containing a piece and the other contains a piece, both are captured.

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