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This page is written by the game's inventor, Dmitrii Vavulin.

Vavulin Creative Chess

About a year ago I came up with an idea with the original rules of chess. It develops creativity and adaptability to new conditions, allowing the use of new rules each time.


This game uses the same setup as standard Chess.


This game uses the same pieces as standard Chess, although they can be modified as described below.


This game follows the rules of Chess except as follows: at the start of the game, each player creates one rule starting with white. This rule is applied to both players and operates the whole game. For example, rooks can walk like horses, or all the figures and pawns move closer to the opponent, or the pawn can be transformed into a figure in the g6 and g3 fields, respectively. You can come up with a lot of similar rules, developing fantasy and flexibility of thinking during the game.


Interest in the game depends on the originality of the invented rules.

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By Dmitrii Vavulin.
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