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This page is written by the game's inventor, Stephane Burkhart.


Squire Knight Chess This Game originates from this simple idea, that a Knight is a local piece and is less mighty than long range pieces. To balance this, we propose to add Pawn like moves to it, but in Forward and Backward directions. In this way, the Knight controls as much squares as Bishops or Rook, but remains a short range piece. It can be thought of as being a Knight with Squire in Battle, fighting on its sides, moving Forward and Backward; hence the name "Squire Knight".


Standard Setup for Chess


Standard Pieces, except for the Knight, which becomes a Squire Knight: Pawn-like moves are added to it in Forward and Backward directions. Thus Squire Knights can, in addition to Knight moves, step in N and S directions, and capture diagonally in NE, NW, SE, SW.


Same Rules as in Orthodox Chess. Only the Squire Knight can not promote although it gets Pawn-like moves.


I've looked at existing Fairy Chess Pieces, but I didn't find the equivalent. I've developed the ZOG file, but wait for positive comments before releasing it.

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By Stephane Burkhart.
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