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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Shogi With Pokémons

I invented this game to put Shogi and Pokemon together. Both are invented in Japanese, but this game was not. Please read below the instructions for play this game.


Board: 11x11, central 9x9 set up as Shogi. Also 2 extra pawns on same row as other pawns. Each player's first row is set up according to which "Set" you play with.


  • Singles: Choose a set from the singles list (doesn't exist yet?) which both players can use. Normally have up to 6 Pokemon and up to 5 items.
  • Army-Selection: Players simultaneously choose a single of equal levels.
  • Random: Each player randomly selects 6 Pokémon and 5 items and arranges them randomly.
  • Symmetric-Random: As "random", but both players have same setup.
  • Hidden-Randon: As "random", but opponent cannot see, use, or capture your pokemons or items until they are captured, moved, or used.


Types of pieces:

  • Bushido: A normal shogi piece. In this game, gold generals can promote, but still moves the same way.
  • Royal-Bushido: A bushido which is royal, the king or jewelled general.
  • Pokemon: Any pokemon. They do not become benched when captured. It can capture pokemons and non-promoted bushis as normal. When a pokemon captures a promoted bushido, the bushi unpromotes and you place it anywhere on the board (no unpromoted pawns in same column as each other), but without switching ownerships. When any bushido captures a pokemon, the bushido's owner places the pokemon on any empty space, without switching ownerships.
  • Item: Moves 1 orthogonally, cannot capture. Can only be captured by pawns or tokins, in which it gets benched normally. Anything else can go through it as though it weren't there, but can't land on it. You may waste a turn to "activate" it (depending on its exact type).

Cards: (M=Monster, I=Item)

  • [M1] Ditto: Starts as a copy of king. You may waste a turn changing Ditto to anything it guards/threatens. It gains that piece's movement/capture abilities, but it is still a pokemon, not anything else. Also, it still captures and is captured as a pokemon, but it cannot capture or be activated if it is copying an item. Ditto is never royal.
  • [I1] Revive: When activated, it is replaced by any pokemon you have lost.
  • [I2] Switch: When activated, destroys itself, and switches places of 2 of your own pokemons.
  • [M2] Snorlax: Moves as a chess queen, but only to capture.
  • [M3] Mr. Mime: Moves/captures 1 space orthogonally. Each orthogonally adjacent square is an "invisible wall" that opponents can land on but not go through.
  • [M4] Hitmonchan: Moves as king or 3-limit bishop (without capturing), or captures every opponent piece it can, as a rook, without moving.
  • [M5] Electrode: Moves without capturing as bishop, or captures as king, or explodes, destroying itself, and capturing all opponent pieces it can capture as a king.
  • [M6] Magnemite: Non-capturing move as rook, or capturing move as king. After a non-capturing move, all opponent pieces attacked by Magnemite move next to it, all own pieces guarded by Magnemite move directly away from it all the way (no capture).
  • [I3] Pokémon Center: Can be activated in promotion zone (4 rows). When activated, lose all your pokemon, then put all your pokemon any empty spaces in first row, then put Pokemon Center on any empty space in your first row.
  • [M7] Ponyta: Moves/captures as knight in chess.
  • [M8] Abra: Moves/captures as king, or is moved to any empty space on your first row.
  • [M9] Muk: Moves/captures as rook. Nobody may do anything to make Muk adjacent to any piece of any owner while Muk is not in your first row.
  • [M10] Alakazam: Moves (non-capturing) as chess queen, captures as Xiang-Qi horse. When you declare a move with Alakazam, opponent says a move he could make before you decide how to move Alakazam. On his turn, he must now make the ove he said if possible, unless he is in check and doing that move would not put him out of check.
  • [M11] Jynx: Can make a number of king moves/captures, up to one plus number of pieces on your bench. (Cannot make null moves)
  • [M12] Pikachu: Moves (non-capturing) as chess king, captures without moving as chess bishop.


Most are same as shogi, except as described above.


No notes yet... If you play this, or have ideas for more cards, or questions about the rules, make comments here and I will add the cards/answer the questions, etc.

What's new:

  • June 15, 2005: First post. Cards M1-M2, I1-I2.
  • June 16, 2005: Plural of Pokémon is fixed. More cards added (M3-M11, I3).
  • June 17, 2005: Card M12 Pikachu.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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