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This page is written by the game's inventor, Rose Thorpe.

Sacrificial Chess

I was searching on Google for some interesting chess variants, and came across a variant entitled Capture Anything, where you can, as suggested, capture anything. I thought that that didn't provide enough variation, and added the no self-check rule.



The rules are the same as in FIDE chess, with the following exceptions.

-You may capture your own pieces.

-You may not make a move that places your king into check from your own pieces. (Meaning you may not place your king in any square that any pieces are threatening, regardless of the color.) This means that castling is impossible.

-Stalemating your opponent is considered a win.


I added the "stalemate is win" rule because due to the no self-check rule, the smallest amount of pieces you can achieve checkmate with is two rooks.

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