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Relative Lumberjack


This variant is based off of the Lumberjack Chess variant, but with a new twist. In this game, the pieces are not changed according to a piece type strictly assigned to columns, but relatively based on the current position of pieces.



Each piece has the maximum set of moves as the pieces shown in its image. These are the standard fairy pieces Cardinal, Marshall, and Amazon. Pawns and Kings move normally. Pawn promotion is explained below.


Same as FIDE Chess, except:

Pieces other than Kings and Pawns move only as the movement types shared by all pieces within the same column as it, friendly or enemy, except for Kings and Pawns. Kings and Pawns are unaffected by this. Thus, when there is a single piece in a column, it moves as its full piece. A Cardinal moves as a Cardinal and an Amazon as an Amazon. When there are two pieces, only their greatest common factor is considered. If a Marshall and Cardinal are the only pieces in a column, they each move only as a Knight, because they share the Knight move of Knight+Rook and Knight+Bishop. If there are three pieces, they move only as what they three share. A Marshall, Queen, and Cardinal together cannot move because they have no piece type shared with all of them.

White to move. White does not check, because the Queen and Cardinal are in the same column. Since their common move is only the Bishop, they only move as Bishops and the Black King can stay where he is or capture the White Pawn. The White Pawn does NOT affect movement. White is mated with a Marshall check.

Pawns promote upon reaching the final rank to the piece that resided on their promoting square in the setup, except if it is a King's square. When a Pawn promotes on a King's square, it promotes to a piece with the moves the same as the functional moves of the pieces in its column when it promotes. If there are no pieces, the Pawn promotes to Amazon. If there are a Bishop, King, and Pawn in the same column, the Pawn promotes to Bishop. If there are a Marshall and two Queens in the same column it promotes to Rook.

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By John Smith.
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