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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daphne Snowmoon.


It is a variant with no drop rule, but only strong pieces.

With Repitition's limits and Campmate, the draw will be extremely rare.



r n b d k h b n r
- - - - q - - - -
p p p p p p p p p
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - Q - - - -



Pawn (P) : Moves one square orthogonally forward. Promotes to Guard.


Guard (G / +P) : Moves one square orthogonally or diagonally. (that is, moves like a non-royal King.)


Knight (N) : Moves one square orthogonally and then one sqaure diagonally. It can go a total of eight squares. Promotes to Judge.


Judge (J / +N) : Moves like a Knight or a Guard.


Bishop (B) : Moves any number of squares diagonally. Promotes to Cardinal.


Cardinal (C / +B) : Moves like a Bishop or a Knight.


Rook (R) : Moves any number of squares orthogonally. Promotes to Marshal.


 Marshal (M / +R) : Moves like a Rook or a Knight.


 Horse (H) : Moves like a Bishop or a Guard. Promotes to Teut.


 Teut (T / +H) : Moves like a Bishop, a Guard, or a Knight.


 Dragon (D) : Moves like a Rook or a Guard. Promotes to Ship.


 Ship (S / +D) : Moves like a Rook, a Guard, or a Knight.


Queen (Q) : Moves like a Bishop or a Rook. Promotes to Angel.


Angel (A / +Q) : Moves like a Bishop, a Rook, or a Knight.


King (K) : Moves one square orthogonally or diagonally.

- the state in which your King is attacked by enemy piece is called check. If your King has no way to escape the enemy's check on that turn, call it checkmate and you are defeated.

Cardinal, Templar, Ship, and Angel can make a checkmate alone.



Basic rules :

 1. The first player is called White, and the second player is called Black.

 2. White moves first, and Black moves next. They move alternately and the game continues until one player is defeated.

 3. Start the game according to the arrangement of the pieces in the first picture.

 4. If there are only two Kings left on the board, the player with the King on the rank closest to the last(9th) rank wins. If the distances of the two Kings from the last rank are the same, the player who has the turn immediately after the situation occurs wins.

 5. There is no passing a turn.

 6. There is no Castling.

 7. There is no 50-move rule.


Promotion :

Your piece that has reached 7th~9th rank must be promoted.

(To promote means to flip the piece.)


Stalemate :

 - The player who can no longer move pieces loses.


Campmate :

- The player whose King reaches 9th rank first wins.


Threefold repetition :

- Neither White nor Black can repeat the same situation three times. Even if it is not repeated in succession, if the same situation is repeated twice in one game, no one can repeat the situation again.



Paragi definition in variants.ini :

variantTemplate = shogi
pieceToCharTable = PNBR.Q.HD..++++.+.++Kpnbr.q.hd..++++.+.++k
maxFile = 9
maxRank = 9
pocketSize = 7
startFen = rnbdkhbnr/4q4/ppppppppp/9/9/9/PPPPPPPPP/4Q4/RNBHKDBNR[] w - - 0 1
customPiece1 = a:QN
customPiece2 = t:BNW
customPiece3 = s:RNF
castling = false
immobilityIllegal = true
shogiPawn = p
knight = n
bishop = b
rook = r
queen = q
dragonHorse = h
bers = d
king = k
commoner = g
centaur = j
archbishop = c
chancellor = m
promotionRank = 7
promotedPieceType = p:g n:j b:c r:m q:a h:t d:s
doubleStep = false
perpetualCheckIllegal = true
nMoveRule = 0
nFoldValue = loss

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