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This page is written by the game's inventor, Mark Simpson.

Noble Wing Chess

Noble Wing Chess - is a variation intended to provide more flexibility of movement, rather than increased fire power, three variant pieces on each Queens side have been given alternate move options to provide this. The names  of the variant pieces were derived from the English nobility, The Icons chosen to play these variants all ready have recognised names, and in the interests of clarity, I will use these... The Wing part of the name is due to all three variants being placed on the Queens Wing.

An unprogrammed preset can be found on Game Courier - Logs/finished games.


Board is the standard 8 x 8, 64 sq Chess board.

pieces set up as standard Chess, with the following placed substitutions -

Queens Bishop becomes ( Crooked Bishop ) Cb Icon.

Queens Knight becomes ( Zebra ) Z Icon.

Queens Rook becomes ( Crooked Rook ) Cr Icon.

all other pieces - King,Queen, Kings Bishop,Knight,Rook,Pawns, placed as standard Chess. So 16 pieces, starting places as Chess with above replacements.


All as described in the Setup section


Rules for NW as Standard Chess with the following changes:-

Crooked Bishop - moves moves & takes as standard Bishop, but has the option of instead - moving 1 sq orthogonally in any direction, however cannot take using this move option. Check & Checkmate diagonally are valid as a result of this move.

Zebra -  moves & takes as standard Knight, but has the option of instead - moving 1 sq in any direction - orthogonal or diagonal, but cannot take when using this move option. Check & Checkmate as in standard knight move are valid as a result of this move.

Crooked Rook - Moves & takes as standard Rook, but has the option of instead - moving up to 4 squares diagonally in any direction, but cannot take when using this move option. Check & Checkmate orthogonally are valid as a result of this move.

Pawn Promotion - As in other chess variants, Pawns reaching the 8th 
rank may only promote to a choice from lost pieces, including Variant Pieces.If no lost pieces - Pawn remains on eighth rank square, until first lost piece, which must replace the Pawn. Since this event is a result of your opponents move taking this piece - it is your move on replacement of the Pawn.     

All other rules as standard Chess.


Noble wing Chess was play tested between myself and Joe Joyce, without whose interest and considerable help, I would not have known where to start. It was Joe that pronounced NW chess fit to be posted for others to try. Please contact me for any clarification. If slow replying try Joe.

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By Mark Simpson.
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