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This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Kuuzen Dai Shogi

This game was invented by Eric Silverman.

During an email conversation between myself and Eric about reviving Suzumu Shogi and Mitsugumi Shogi, Eric mentioned his work-in-progress 15x15 Shogi variants, one of which was Kuuzen Dai Shogi, which is basically Dai Shogi but with different promotions. I found the variant most interesting, and decided to post it to the Chess Variant Pages.


The setup for Kuuzen Dai Shogi is the same as in Dai Shogi. An interactive diagram has been provided (The Javascript source code was written by H. G. Muller) to make it easier to understand how each piece moves. The Mnemonic piece directory uses H. G. Muller's Mnemonic pieces.

lightShade=#FFFF90 darkShade=#FFFFFF startShade=#FFFF90 files=15 ranks=15 graphicsDir=../membergraphics/MSkuuzendaishogi/ graphicsType=png whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b squareSize=36 promoZone=4 maxPromote=28 promoOffset=29 promoChoice=+ symmetry=rotate royal=29 royal=37 firstRank=1 rimColor=#000000 coordColor=#FFFFFF pawn:P:fW:p:a5-o5 go between:GB:vW:gb:e6,k6 copper general:C:vWfF:c:e1,k1 silver general:S:FfW:s:f1,j1 gold general:G:WfF:g:g1,i1 ferocious leopard:FL:FvW:fl:e2,k2 blind tiger:BT:FsbW:bt:g2,i2 drunk elephant:DE:FfsW:de:h2 phoenix:PH:WA:ph:i3 kirin:KY:FD:ky:g3 lance:L:fR:l:a1,o1 reverse chariot:RV:vR:rv:a2,o2 side mover:SM:sRvW:sm:c4,m4 vertical mover:VM:vRsW:vm:d4,l4 bishop:B:B:b:e4,k4 rook:R:R:r:a4,o4 dragon horse:DH:BW:dh:f4,j4 dragon king:DK:RF:dk:g4,i4 knight:N:N:n:b1,n1 stone general:O:fF:o:c1,m1 iron general:I:fWfF:i:d1,l1 angry boar:AB:W:ab:d3,l3 cat sword:CT:F:ct:c2,m2 evil wolf:EW:fsWfF:ew:f3,j3 violent ox:VO:W2:vo:b3,n3 flying dragon:FY:F2:fy:b4,n4 queen:Q::q:h4 lion:LN:KNADcaKmcabK:ln:h3 king:K:K:k:h1 tokin:+P:WfF:p2: drunk elephant:+GB:FfsW:gb2: side mover:+C:sRvW:c2: vertical mover:+S:vRsW:s2: rook:+G:R:g2: bishop:+FL:B:fl2: flying stag:+BT:vRsWF:bt2: prince:+DE:K:de2: queen:+PH:Q:ph2: lion:+KY:KNADcaKmcabK:ky2: white horse:+L:vRfB:l2: whale:+RV:vRbB:rv2: great dragon:+SM:F3vW2sR:sm2: golden bird:+VM:F3sW2vR:vm2: dragon horse:+B:BW:b2: dragon king:+R:RF:r2: horned falcon:+DH:BbsRfWfDfcavWfmabW:dh2: soaring eagle:+DK:RbBfFfAfcavFfmabF:dk2: stallion:+N:WfFN:n2: gold general:+O:WfF:p2: gold general:+I:WfF:p2: free boar:+AB:BsR:ab2: gold general:+CT:WfF:p2: gold general:+EW:WfF:p2: flying ox:+VO:BvR:vo2: gold general:+FY:WfF:p2: free eagle:+Q:QADcaFmcabF:q2: lion hawk:+LN:BWNADcaKmcabK:ln2:

Click on piece name for move diagram!

First rank

  • a1, o1 Lance (fR)
  • b1, n1 Knight (N)
  • c1, m1 Stone General (fF)
  • d1, l1 Iron General (fFfW)
  • e1, k1 Copper General (fFvW)
  • f1, j1 Silver General (FfW)
  • g1, i1 Gold General (WfF)
  • h1 King (royal K)

Fourth rank

  • a4, o4 Rook (R)
  • b4, n4 Flying Dragon (F2)
  • c4, m4 Side Mover (sRvW)
  • d4, l4 Vertical Mover (vRsW)
  • e4, k4 Bishop (B)
  • f4, j4 Dragon Horse (BW)
  • g4, i4 Dragon King (RF)
  • h4 Free King (Q)

Fifth and sixth rank

  • a5-o5 Pawns (fW)
  • e5, k5 Go Between (vW)

Second rank

  • a2, o2 Reverse Chariot (vR)
  • c2, m2 Cat Sword (F)
  • e2, k2 Ferocious Leopard (FvW)
  • g2, i2 Blind Tiger (FbsW)
  • h2 Drunk Elephant (FfsW)

Third rank

  • b3, n3 Violent Ox (W2)
  • d3, l3 Angry Boar (W)
  • f3, j3 Evil Wolf (fFfsW)
  • g3 Kirin (FD)
  • h3 Lion (KNAD(cK-aK)(mK-bK)
  • i3 Phoenix (WA)


The move of pieces from the initial setup is already given in Betza notation above, and should also be clear from the mnemonic piece glyphs in the diagram. The moves of the piece types that can only be obtained through promotion are given below.

Unless stated differently, all pieces move and promote like their counterparts in Dai Shogi.

Piece Description Promotes to

Makes a (1,2) leap in any direction (moves as in Chess). Stallion

Moves as a Gold General (one space orthogonally, or diagonally forward) or as a Knight (makes a (1,2) leap in any direction) (promoted Knight)

Violent Ox
Moves as in Dai Shogi Flying Ox

Flying Ox
Moves as in Dai Shogi (promoted Violent Ox)

Angry Boar
Moves as in Dai Shogi Free Boar

Free Boar
Moves as in Dai Shogi (promoted Angry Boar)

Side Mover
Moves as in Dai Shogi Great Dragon

Great Dragon
Slides sideways, steps up to two squares vertically or three squares diagonally (promoted Side Mover)

Vertical Mover
Moves as in Dai Shogi Golden Bird

Golden Bird
Slides vertically, steps up to two squares sideways or three squares diagonally (promoted Vertical Mover)

Moves as in Dai Shogi Free Eagle

Free Eagle
Slides in any direction, jumps to the second square in any direction, or make a Cat Sword move (one square diagonally) twice, including double capturing, igui, and skipping a turn. (promoted Queen)

Moves as in Dai Shogi Lion Hawk

Lion Hawk
Moves as a Lion or as a Bishop (promoted Lion)



All rules not contradicted in the above sections are the same as in Dai Shogi.

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Author: A. M. DeWitt. Inventor: Eric Silverman.

Last revised by A. M. DeWitt.

Web page created: 2022-10-20. Web page last updated: 2023-02-11