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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

King Friday XIII Chess


It is FIDE except as follows:

  1. Pawns may remain a pawn, or promote to any piece (including pawns and kings) of any color. (Promotion is only allowed on the move from the seventh to eighth rank; it cannot promote from the eighth rank as a move.)
  2. Pawn double moves are allowed the first time they move, even if gained through promotion, regardless which rank it is on.
  3. Player with no legal moves loses.
  4. You are in check when the square on which a king of your color is standing is attacked by one or two opponent's pieces. If it is attacked by more than two opponent's pieces, it is not check.
  5. If you have more than one king, it is check if any one of them is attacked as described above.
  6. Kings can be captured, and if it is captured, the game continues.
  7. As in FIDE, castling is not permitted out of, through, in to check, and not if the king or rook have already moved, but you can castle horizontally or vertically, and even if the king or rook has been gained by promotion. Castling is OK two or more spaces of the king's moving, but not onto where the rook is standing. The rook moves one space over the king as in FIDE.
  8. If you are not in check, making a move that causes you to be in check (including promoting a pawn into your own king in a attacked square) is not permitted.
  9. If you are in check, you are required to make a move that causes at least one of your kings which is currently in check, to be not in check, however it doesn't matter if any other kings you may have are caused to stay in check or become in check.
  10. White pawns don't move two spaces on the first move of the game.
  11. If you make a non-capturing move after an opponent's non-capturing move, if your move is the mirror of opponent's last move (example: N-KB3 N-KB3), then you must toss a coin. If it is tails, the move is made; if it is heads, put it back and you have to make a different move instead, and if you have no other legal moves, it is drawn (even though no legal moves is normally loss in this game).
  12. Player with one king and no other pieces wins.
  13. Kings have added ability of pawn (other than promotion): Double step forward non-capturing from first move made, and capture/be captured en passan if applicable as it would a pawn.


(Maybe you think this game is not using dice even though it says in the info; actually, this game involves the "d2" dice (rather than the "d6" dice).)

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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